When we talk about a Disney World vacation we think of kids and family getaways but seldom do we think a visit to Disney World would be more romantic. And it is! In fact more than 3,000 couples travel to Disney World to wed and even more honeymoon there.

Many couples visit Florida for a Disney World vacation year after year to celebrate their anniversaries keeping their romance alive. Now that's pretty special! Whether you travel by air or land getting to Disney World couldn't be easier.

Wondering what your Disney World vacation can offer you in the way of romance? Here are some great suggestions. In fact even if you travel with the kids you can still make it a magical romantic time for you and your partner.

Enjoy a luxurious spa treatment for two under candlelight. There are several spas offering this service so visit the guest services section where you are staying.

Enjoy a relaxing, romantic evening at The Grand Floridian Spa & Heath Club.

Before you visit the Epcot Center take a stroll around it when it's lit up in the evening hours. It's breathtaking and so romantic.

Take a horseback ride and travel to Fort Wilderness on the back trails. It takes about 45 minutes and it's breathtaking and so romantic wit the wonderful pine scents. There is definitely a romantic energy here.

Magic Kingdom does a terrific fireworks display that you can see for miles. How romantic is two of you relaxing in a hammock on the beach sipping Margaritas and watching fireworks. Sizzling!

Rent a carriage and take a stroll down Boardwalk. Enjoy that romantic ambiance and if time permits why not visit the elegant 1940's Atlantic City style resort for a drink?

Make sure your Disney World vacation includes a visit to the Tower of Terror where you can snuggle close and get romantic. The views are breathtaking!

Take a magical ride on the Magic Kingdom monorail after dark. Travel between parks and enjoy the tranquil peaceful night life.

When the sun goes down take a walk around Disney World. In particular be sure to visit the Polynesian Resort to the Grand Floridian. It's certain to set that romantic mood.

For a light side to your romantic outing enjoy an ice cream cone visit the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Soda Fountain downtown Disney. Choose from a wide selection of flavors - pick your favorite.

You travel half way round the world to take a Disney World vacation because you've heard romance is in the air but what romantic vacation would be complete without a romantic dinner for two under candlelight? Be sure to visit Victoria & Albert's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for an intimate romantic dinner. There's even a dress code here so not only will it be romantic it will be elegant. It might be expensive but the romantic ambiance is worth every penny!

Now that you know that a Disney World vacation can be for grown ups too the next time you are planning a romantic getaway be sure to travel to Florida's Disney World!

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