If you've finally decided to take that Disney World vacation you've been thinking about then here's what you should know about Disney World resorts before you go.

It's hard to imagine that there could be any other destination that's as magical as Disney World in Orlando FL. And whether you are looking for discount accommodation or a more deluxe room, Disney World resorts are ready to accommodate you.

Let's admit it - a Disney World vacation is one of those trips that is very exciting and planning that trip is half the fun. Part of planning that trip is your accommodation and after all this could be the vacation of a lifetime and it could cost you a lot less than you think which is why there are things you should know about Disney World resorts before you start.

One of the very first things you should do is order the free Disney World vacation planning DVD which is provided by Disney. It's full of useful information and tips to help you find discount accommodation. In fact many times that discount accommodation can be found at a deluxe resort. It's all in the timing.

The second thing on your list is to find the most current resort deals. There are several ways to be able to get a deluxe room for a hefty discount just by knowing when to book. Off season is always a great time for heavy savings as it watching for special promotions that are being ran at any given time. Off season runs from October through April.

There are several onsite hotels on Disney resorts which can give you a lot of advantages including discounts on your ticket prices. Let's be clear here - even discounted Disney World resorts can cost more than a deluxe hotel room so make sure that you are shopping around.

Many resorts provide you with other benefits such as discounted ticket books which are convenient and can certainly save you a bundle. If cost is in the front of your mind then why not search Disney World resorts online and find the best prices available.

Remember there are often hotels near the Disney World resorts that are available for considerably less money so unless the resorts are really what you want you can get comfortable clean lodging with a complimentary shuttle to Disney World and you'll have all that money left over to enjoy.

Accommodations range from a value priced discount to a moderate discount on a deluxe room. For example if you are okay with parking your own car or you don't care if there is a valet you can see substantial savings.

Lastly there is the distance factor. The further away you are from Disney World the better the pricing. That means if you choose a resort on the other side of Orlando FL you'll likely pay as little as half of what you'll pay for a room near Disney World.

And thanks to the internet and the ease of comparison there's never any surprises anymore. Just do your research, and you'll be saving money before you ever leave for your Disney World vacation.

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