Your Disney Word vacation to Orlando FL is going to be a lot of fun. First you need to review the Disney World hotels to find the accommodation that's right for you. Choosing your accommodation for your Disney World vacation shouldn't be stressful. In fact it should be fun. Whether you are looking for the Ritz or discount accommodation, Orlando FL has plenty to offer.

There are different categories of accommodation - let's break it into 4 groups - value, moderate, deluxe, and vacation club. Disney World hotels try to offer a variety of price points so that there is something to suit every visitor after all your accommodation for your Disney World vacation shouldn't leave you cash strapped to enjoy the fun things Orlando FL has to offer. Therefore you can choose from the luxury and romance or a basic tent spot. Now that's variety!

Prices vary depending on the dining options, recreational facilities, health clubs, onsite programs, children's programs, and even themes. Discount rooms tend to offer a nice comfortable room but with no frills. Then again if you plan to use your hotel for little more than a place to sleep that's all you need.

Proximity to the parks can play a role in just what those rates might be. Some Disney World hotels are within walking distance while others shuttle guests via the monorail or even by boat. If you are driving into Orlando FL then remember the further out you stay the more likely you are to get what would be considered a discount rate. Keep it in mind!

Dining at where your accommodation is may not be a consideration for you because you can dine throughout Disney World parks taking advantage of all different kinds of restaurants and food stands. However if you are planning on spending a great deal of time relaxing at the resort onsite dining might be important.

Deluxe resorts will offer an extensive selection of dining from café style to the most elegant formal dining as well as room service. More middle of the road hotels will usually offer a choice of one high end and one lower end restaurant. Discount hotels may offer only a fast food or delivery.

Recreation facilities will play an integral part on what your room rate is going to be. Discount accommodation will likely have no facilities with the exception of perhaps a swimming pool while more posh Disney World hotels will likely have health club and spas, golf courses, and tennis courts. If you really don't care what the hotels have to offer and are only looking for affordable accommodation in Orlando FL so that you enjoy what Orlando has to offer not what the hotel has.

After visiting Mickey at Magic Kingdom you can grab a good nights sleep at one of the discount Disney World hotels in Orlando FL and then head out to enjoy some of the other features like Universal Studio the next day.

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